Location and Getting there

There are plenty of buses available from Bangalore and Mysore and from other towns like Mangalore and Hassan to reach Kadkani. Autos and taxis are easily available to continue your journey to reach Kadkani or you can also avail the Kadkani pickup facility by letting us know in advance from the point you need to be picked up from.

Please note.....if you are using the public transport make sure you plan your travel, so you reach the resort by 6 pm.


Mysore - Hunsur : 40 kms
Hunsur - Panchavalli : 20 kms
Pahavalli - Malangi : 4.5 kms
Malangi - Ane Chowkoor : 5 kms
Anechowkoor - Thithimathi : 6.5 kms
Thithimathi - Gonnikoppal : 11 kms
Gonikoppal - Ammathi : 12 kms
Ammathi - Vontiangadi : 4.5 kms
Vontiangadi - KADKANI : 6 kms

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