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Tourist Attractions In Coorg

Coorg, nestled in Southwestern Karnataka, offers a diverse array of experiences for visitors, from the serene Tibetan settlements around Bylakuppe, where refugees live in peace and practice their faith, to the vibrant cultural life highlighted by local festivals such as Kailmuhurtha, Kaveri Sankramana and Huthri.

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Festivals Of Coorg

The cultural life of the people of Coorg centers on the village and the family. Religious festivals, marriages, births and the three major festivals of Kailmuhurtha or Kailpodh, Kaveri Sankramana and Huthri or Puthri are the main events of the lives of the people of the town of Coorg. There are just a few festivals that the people of Coorg observe with great dedication.

Explore Coorg 1 Kadkani River Resort Coorg


Trekking in Coorg is an ultimate experience. In Coorg there are many summits to conquer and many jungles to trek. Trekking trips can be organized with professional guides. Preparation and precaution is always advised before you plan any trekking trip in Coorg.

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Raja's Seat

According to legend, the kings of Kodagu spent their evenings here. But what's unforgettable about Raja's seat is the spectacular sunset that one can enjoy from here.

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Famous for being the largest producer of honey in southeast Asia, though most come here for the Padi Igutappa temple. This is Coorg’s most important temple. Built as a hunting lodge, the Nalnad Palace is used as a kiddies’ camp, though no one will really mind you pottering around. You could also visit the honey farms.

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Abbi Falls

Only 7 km from Madikeri town is the Abbi Falls. The narrow and steep road to Abbi squirms though the dense flora of surrounding coffee plantations. Located on private property, a narrow pathway leads to the waterfall. Splashing hard against the huge boulders of rock, unmindful of the crevices and hollows, the water drops at enormous speed accompanied by gushing sounds. A feast for eyes, this white veil of water descends into a flowing stream to unite to the River Cauvery.

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Irpu Falls

If you are sportiest, it is a great place to begin. You could start from behind the Rameshwarna temple, and relax at a refreshing pond halfway up the falls. Then, if you are some strange sort of enthusiastic trekker and have some spare RBC (the leeches demand that), carry on to the top.

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Bhagamandala Temple

36 km from Madikeri, the Bhagamandala Temple is built in the Kerala style at the confluence of three rivers (the Cauvery, the Kannika and the Sujyothi). This temple houses a variety of smaller shrines dedicated to various Gods.

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Nagarhole National Park

Nagarhole National Park derives its name from the combination of two Kannada words. 'Nagar,' meaning snake and 'hole,' meaning streams. True to its name, quite a few serpentine streams fork through the rich tropical forests of the park. Nagarhole Park was set up in 1955. In 1975, its area was increased to include a greater expanse of forest reserve. The original forest was once an exclusive hunting ground for the erstwhile Maharajas of Mysore. The park has been recently renamed as Rajiv Gandhi National Park after the late Prime Minister of India.

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Tibetan Settlements Around Bylakuppe

Southwestern Karnataka is also home to the largest Tibetan settlement in India outside the Himalayan belt. Both recent refugees from Tibet and those born elsewhere, live here in a landscape and climate that is a far cry from Tibet but, as one monk pointed out, with one crucial consolation: they live without fear and practice their faith in freedom.

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